Welcome to Don’t Be The Victim! Here our goal is to get you your Connecticut Pistol Permit!

If you are interested in carrying a firearm and/or purchasing a firearm for the purpose of self defense, home protection, or shooting sports and you live in the state of Connecticut, then you have come to the right place.

I am a Certified NRA Instructor, and a life long gun enthusiast. Growing up around the military and then as a soldier myself, I was taught the importance of gun safety. I became a Certified NRA Instructor so I can extend that safety understanding to those who share the same passion for the sport as I do.

I teach the Basic Pistol Permit Course required by the State of Connecticut. This gun class is the first step in obtaining your pistol permit. This class is not intended to turn you into a marksmen. My goal is for you to leave this class with the knowledge and understanding of how to use a firearm safely.

I also understand that not all may feel comfortable learning to use a firearm. I am also a Certified NRA Instructor for Refuse To Be a Victim, a course that will teach you personal safety tips and techniques to avoid dangerous situations without the use of a firearm.

Obtaining your gun or pistol permit in Connecticut does not have to be a difficult task! During the course I will teach you about handgun safety and regulations in the state of Connecticut. I offer women only classes, family classes, individual classes, and private lessons. Contact me via email for specialty pricing.

Please see our course schedule for upcoming classes. For your convenience, you can sign up online. Courses can be added at any time, so please e-mail me if you don’t see what you are looking for.